Winter Solstice & New Moon Musings

Photo by Galina N on Unsplash

Photo by Galina N on Unsplash

Hello Wild Lovelies!

Solstice just visited us in the Northern hemisphere on December 21st.  I met up with a friend and went to see one of our favorite artists, Zach Friedhof, in Akron, Ohio. It was a great show. It was free, but donations of coats were asked for. I love that many of the artists I follow are community-minded. It really warms my soul to see that so many other people care about others and improving the community. Seriously, music, activism, and community-driven work helps me stay balanced when I read about all the truly horrible things that are happening around me. I can get very sad, and withdrawn. It is why hanging out with friends, sharing experiences, being in community, getting lost and found – at the same time – in music supports my mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I created a special playlist for you in honor of Yule, the returning of the sun, and the beginning of winter. Check it out here:

I hope you will visit the link often if the cold and dreary weather starts to weigh heavy on you. Where I live, we have had cold weather since October, with a few 50-degree days thrown in every once in a while, like today, December 24th. Feel free to share some of your favorite music of winter in the comments below.

Besides winter solstice, we will have a new moon on December 26th. As a certified circle leader with the Wild Woman Project, I co-led a women’s retreat with my friend Beth of Spirit Stitch, and our mutual friend, Jasmine of Goddess in the Making,  It was a joyous and beautiful event. We were three witches strong, sharing sacred learning, meditation, art-making, and friendship.  We celebrated the new moon early because we were concerned that we would not get many women to sign up a retreat the day after Christmas. We put the event on Eventbrite, and advertised for a full 3 weeks.  Though other women did not come to the gathering, we decided to forge ahead, honoring ourselves and our planning. I am so grateful that we did.  I will give you a little taste of it here:


Photo by Taylor on Unsplash

Wild Woman Project, Rituals of Rewilding Series:                                                                    Roots of Wisdom – Going In & Down

We are honoring the New Moon in Capricorn. Because we are holding space so close to the full moon, we are also feeling into the energy and dynamics of her current aspect. The full moon and the current waning gibbous is in Gemini. So at today’s gathering – we are holding space for what is and what is to come.

Capricorn is an earth sign, represented by the seagoat. There are many qualities associated with Capricorn, but the ones I am calling into circle today are patience, discipline, and persistence.

 Capricorn is an earth sign, and as such, embodies the feminine. Earth signs are sensual, and calls to us to live life through our senses. Earth signs focus on being vs. doing.  It is not to say one is better than the other, it is just part of the cycle that weaves like the infinity sign.

For a deeper analysis, I invite you to check out the astrological and witchy goodness of Chani Nicholas and Molly Roberts.

Lighting our Candle:

“Let this flame represent the Wild Spirit which burns within each of us. As we awaken our own wild spirit, we awaken the collective spirit.”

 Our theme for the new moon (which occurs on December 26th), is Roots of Wisdom.

  • Preparing for our time together, I did much thinking about both words – roots and wisdom. Roots may invoke feelings of deep connections, especially connections that get below what can be seen or understood on the surface. Did you know that there is science that suggests that roots of trees communicate with each other from tree to tree, across vast expanses? Being rooted is associated with feelings of belonging, of being part of something – sometimes part of things that are bigger than oneself. It also reminded me of the sayings: getting back to our roots, and getting to the root of the problem. My early feminist studies taught me that some think of as women’s rights as being radical. And they would be right; the Latin word, Radix – means root. It’s not too much of a stream of consciousness flow to then jump to the word wisdom – discernment and insight. But women’s deeply rooted wisdom has not been revered. It is often crushed outright, or judged as sentimental, and often dismissed. It is said that women have a particular sense of intuition – knowledge – an inner guidance. Women are reclaiming this ancient way of knowing with confidence, pride, and without shame. – CK 2019

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz


“In the vessel of your body, you yourself are the world tree, deep roots in the Earth and a crown of stars. Your essence bridges dimensions.”
― Elizabeth Eiler, Swift and Brave: Sacred Souls of Animals

“Roots, he wrote, symbolize more than underground strong-arms. Roots are also origins, the tendrils of a sprouting seed that give rise to life.”
― Rivera Sun, The Roots of Resistance

“A plant needs to do more than stretch its leaves toward the sun. It also needs to send down roots deep into the ground. They hold on tightly in the dark, out of sight where it is easy to forget about them. But it is the fact that a plant can do these two things at once, anchoring itself to the earth even as it reaches for the sky, that makes it strong.”
― Cameron Dokey, Kissed: Once Upon A Time Omnibus Belle/Sunlight and Shadow/Winter’s Child

“I’m not sure which matters more—where the seed comes from, or where it takes root and grows.”
― Zetta Elliott, A Wish After Midnight


Photo by Lana Graves on Unsplash


For more Witchy Goodness, please come to one of our gatherings!!!  Honor your wild soul and take part in a day of wisdom, sharing, and open-hearted giving and receiving

We will be planning our 2020 gatherings in a few weeks, and I will announce the dates here. I truly hope you feel invited to take part of our gatherings – to slow down from the everyday, and to participate in soul sharing with all of those who call themselves women.

As we put out the dates, we will be looking for spots that are within our budget, but also add a nice ambiance, and are not too expensive for women to attend. Something we are committed to is hosting events at a price that honors the work we put into them, including playlists, food, décor, creating ritual and ceremony, art-making supplies, and the labor that goes into creating the intentional art curriculum. At the same time, we are thinking about how to create an account or donation system for like-minded sisters to make love offerings so that we can sponsor women who may not have the financial means to attend otherwise. And, we will be thinking of ways to incorporate participant talents – such as preparing a small dish to share, singing a song, reading poetry, music-making such as drumming or use of other instruments, meditations, etc. Chris Maddox, creator of The Wild Woman Project encourages those of us trained to lead circle to invite our participants to a time of co-creation so that the event is one in which every participant has an opportunity to give and receive, if she so desires.


Photo by Brad Mann

Is there a future on FB for me and Wild Indigo Moon?

If you follow me on FB, you probably saw that in 2020, I plan to close my FB accounts. I am thinking this through a bit longer. Positives are connecting with friends and family from all over, but I think the negatives are outweighing the positives for me. I think what really did it for me was Z saying that he did not care about false information being spread on the platform, and that he had no plans to stop it. I don’t always like who I become on the platform, or how addicted to it I can get. I just think that as I enter my 50s this January, that I want to put my energies to something that fulfills me, and FB really does not do it anymore. I find that after I get off of it for the day, I feel overwhelmed, angry, tense, sad, withdrawn, and hopeless. Much has to do with the fact that a billionaire is making money off of me, deciding who I get to see and not see, deciding on my privacy, deciding to collect my information through Cambridge Analytics. I really don’t know if I can look past it anymore. I surely will miss friends. That is the part I am most sorry to lose out on. I gave up Amazon long ago because they refused to pull books on how to commit sexual violence and child beatings without being caught. I just don’t see how I can continue on a platform that does so much damage, and that played a significant part in the outcome of the 2016 election cycle with the proliferation of disinformation campaigns.  More news to come on this front as I work through it and try to figure it out.


Photo by Remi Skatulski on Unsplash

Anyway – tell me what is inspiring you this season. What podcasts or Youtube channels feed your soul? How are you showing up in the world? Is it for your highest good and the highest good of all? What are you considering keeping the same? What will you be changing? How are these decisions sitting within you?

Until next time…

Go visit a tree and tell it what you admire about it.

Collect its wisdom, and make an offering.

Sing to the sun at sunrise.

Call in your plant, animal, and elemental allies for the winter season.

Engage Your Senses.


Dawn of Joy: New Moon in Sagittarius Rituals of Rewilding Series & Information on the December Wild Woman Retreat in Columbus.


Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” -Rumi

Greetings Wild Lovelies!!! The new moon arrived on Tuesday this past week!!! We are given this chance, once more, to reconnect with our wild selves, renew our commitments, and start anew just like the moon does. It is a blessing of nature and astronomy that we are in this sweet spot. We are now in Sagittarius season. What gifts will you lean into?

Element:  Fire. What sets your soul alight? What is burning and bursting inside of you that wants to see the light of day? What have you been hiding that needs to be made visible? What needs to be burnt, so that something else can rise like a phoenix?

“If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.” -Santosh Kalwar


Photo by jacob avanzato on Unsplash


Theme: Dawn of Joy

“We went down into the silent garden. Dawn is the time when nothing breathes, the hour of silence. Everything is transfixed, only the light moves.”
― Leonora Carrington

New Moon Musings…

Say the phrase, Dawn of Joy. What does it evoke in you? Let it sink in. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly.  Whisper it to yourself. Say it Three times. Do you believe that you are deserving of joy? How do you block or allow joy into your life? In what ways are you tapping into the power of the dawn to support your journey? Is there an invocation you can conjure that will help you summon your inner guidance in a way that will assist you?

Take your time and sit with these questions. Allow them to simmer, sizzle and swirl in your mind. Give yourself plenty of time to write down your thoughts – try a free write or free draw exercise if you are having a difficult time settling in.

Don’t rush the process. There is no hurry – you have nowhere to be. You have nothing to do in this time and space, and no one to be. Here, you are free from society’s expectations and roles. Here, you are free to be you, accepted, loved, whole.

In your journal, write down some of the ways this new moon’s theme is settling within you, including this new moon’s elemental aspects.

During this new moon cycle, we will be experiencing Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – moving toward the light, at the same time that we are feeling the call to slow down, hibernate, and look inward – even deeper than we  ever have before.

If you are like me, this is a bittersweet time of year. Society these days pushes us to show our worth by being busy – by buying all the things – the message is clear that it is normal to be in a mad rush. I continue to get caught up in it just like everyone else.

It wasn’t that long ago when we knew that slowing down had its rewards – its teachings. We have forgotten. Now is the time to re-member.

In those elusive times when we do remember, we are invited to take action toward living a life of measured intention. How easily we get a serious case of FOMO, thinking that the way to joy is by filling up our days with endless activity and things. In this new moon season, I am wondering if you and I can put effort forth to move through our lives with a more purposeful, deliberate and an unhurried pace. Is this even possible? I am not sure, but I think it is worth asking ourselves and making an effort toward practicing what it feels like.

“Have you ever seen the dawn? Not a dawn groggy with lack of sleep or hectic with mindless obligations and you about to rush off on an early adventure or business, but full of deep silence and absolute clarity of perception? A dawning which you truly observe, degree by degree. It is the most amazing moment of birth. And more than anything it can spur you to action. Have a burning day.”
― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

“Twilight, the only time of the day when the light and dark meet and become one. The bright powerful light of the day, calmly surrenders before the engulfing duskiness of the night. And the dense whelming darkness of the night yields before the surreal dawning saffron of the morning. The only two moments of the day that absolve the difference between ‘dark and light’. (Page 71)”
― Neena Verma, A Mother’s Cry… A Mother’s Celebration


Photo by Alieza Rizvie on Unsplash

“This is where my lesson was learned: pain is to be expected, courage is to be welcomed. There is no choice but to endure. There is no other way than to renounce self-doubt. It is the time of the Dawning in more ways than one. The sun can rise, and so can I”
― Tanya Tagaq, Split Tooth

“Words like wistfully and sublime are penned into prose and rhyme. As night gives way to dawn, life gives way to time”
― Jessica de la Davies, Inspire & Nurture SELF CARE

“Just as the morning light sweeps away the night, the darkness within me began to be chased away by a dawn in my soul.”
― Anasazi Foundation, The Seven Paths: Changing One’s Way of Walking in the World


Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

Rewild Yourself!

There are places in you where thousands of bright, tiny flowers open each morning to the sun in Meadows as vast as the sky. An ancient alchemy courses through your bones. It speaks in feathers and stones and precious metals and the footprints of Mandalas left by the stories we tell with our lives.

Rewild Yourself!

Until green tendrils sprout from your fingernails and lichen swathes your eyebrows.

Rewild Yourself!

Until your roots spread and uncoil and writhe down through soil and rock.

Rewild Yourself!

Rise up into your magnificence and take your place among the constellations.

Rewild Yourself!

The Earth is her own medicine.  Be yours.” – Caroline Mellor


Photo by Aaron Wilson on Unsplash


A curated playlist with this month’s theme as my guide. 

Let’s Connect!!!

Please take a moment after your meditation and journaling to leave me a comment and let me know what part of this new moon offering especially touched you.

Join me: 

The next Columbus Wild Woman Project Retreat is being hosted by me and my friend, Beth Malchus-Stafa of Spirit Stitch,

The date is December 14th, 2019 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Space is limited to six participants. Register here:

Stay Wild!


Rituals of ReWilding: Streams of Longing



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Happy New Moon Wild Lovelies!!!

Rituals of Rewilding: New Moon in Scorpio – Wild Woman Project Theme for the year and New Moon Theme this Lunar Cycle

Thank you for joining me for this New Moon in Scorpio post and ritual!!!

We are now one full lunar cycle from the last new moon, the New Moon in Libra. Of course, that new moon was very special as it was the first time I lead the Wild Woman Project New Moon Circle in my community, and in partnership with my friend, Beth who offered her gifts of intentional creativity-making in the afternoon. I am very proud of what we created, and the space we held for our participants. I should note that without women showing up in trust and wonder, it would not have been as wonderful as it was, and truly could not have manifested. Beth and I are planning on another in-person mini-retreat in December. Be on the lookout for details here, on Instagram. We would love to host you!

So, let’s settle in. Take a few moments, and if you can, step outside for just a few minutes Breathe in the crisp air, feel your feet touching mother earth. If it is not too cold, give yourself the time and space to feel grounded by imagining your toes forming roots into the soil.  Allow your imagination to conjure up the elements of water and fire. Perhaps you might be by the lake or stream. If not, pour yourself a glass of water and drink in this element. Now, imagine a bonfire, a fireplace, even a candle will do. Bring the elements to the forefront of your mind and give and receive what each one brings.

Now, return indoors if the weather does not permit your ritual time spent outside.

As we gather virtually, let’s take a moment to allow ourselves to surrender to the influences of the new moon energy. The new moon in Scorpio is especially powerful as we are in the time of the thinning veil between worlds (meaning that if you are magically inclined, it is the time when the spirit world and the physical world are not as distant from each other as once thought), and  Samhain and Day of the Dead celebrations and ceremony preparations are well under way. This time of year reminds us that there is a season for everything. The time for harvesting has come and gone. Hopefully, with good weather, good luck, and lots of tending, you have gathered what you need for the colder months ahead (at least in the Northern Hemisphere).


Check out Wild Indigo Moon’s Mood Board on Unsplash.

The beautiful thing about New Moon gatherings and observations is that they allow us to begin anew year-round. Each new moon, think of the things that you want to bring closer to you. Take the time you need to be intentional about the aspects of your life that you want to reset or renew. As always, it is important to get to the heart of what you desire – perhaps by deep meditation and journaling, or maybe when you dance – and then create an action plan to make those things happen. Magic exists, but it won’t do the work for you – you must be an active participant in your life.

Some might take this as an opportunity to draw love or money to themselves. That is beautiful. Who couldn’t use more of those things? Some might also see it as a time to cast spells on others or try to influence others in a way that is manipulative or self-serving. That is not beautiful. This is where you need to be crystal clear about what you are about – your values, ethics, and principles. For example, casting a love spell on yourself so that you can bring the best you to  any potential or current intimate relationships is in alignment with the Witch’s Creed, “If it harms none, do what you will”.

Let’s pause here to light our candles, burn our sage/incense, and gather our creature comforts (fair trade chocolate, slippers, comfy blanket, fresh fruit, chamomile tea, essential oils, crystals, etc.). We are going deeper into our new moon reflection.

Lighting your candle: You can say this out loud, whisper it to yourself, or just let it sit in the front of your mind:

emily-bauman-afXNLVVICdo-unsplash (1)

Check out Wild Indigo Moon’s Mood Board on Unsplash.

“Let this flame represent the wild spirit which burns in each of us. As we awaken our own wild spirit, we awaken the collective spirit”

Theme for New Moon in Scorpio: Streams of Longing


Check out Wild Indigo Moon’s Mood Board on Unsplash.

Water. It is essential for life. Water flowing over rocks and shoreline smooth out the landscape, and changes the flow of things, over time. Scorpio is a fixed water sign with a feminine charge.

Do you have a favorite stream or other body of water that you make pilgrimage to? Do you get to visit it often? Do you like to skip rocks in it? Do you like to pick up a few smooth stones to remind yourself how water can smooth out the rough edges?  Do you enjoy sitting by the stream and letting the water and your thoughts flow? Do you appreciate the babbling din as the water flows downstream into rivers on to oceans?

There is something about the way the water calls to me. I am not sure if it is universal, but I know I am not alone in feeling it’s seductive power. Is it because our body and the earth are made up of mostly water? Is it because our first home was in water? I don’t know, but I do know there is a deep mystery about water that I love to explore. Because water is life, we humans have a responsibility to protect it, keep it clean, and accessible for all of us. #WorldWaterDay

There are lessons to learn from water if we are willing to listen.


Check out Wild Indigo Moon’s Mood Board on Unsplash.

LONGING – wow, that can be a loaded word. The first thing that comes up for me is romantic longing and especially the ache of unrequited love – even as I approach 50, that definition of longing is still the first thing that comes to mind. But there is more to longing than this. Longing can be about the desire for improving ourselves. I longed to hold salons and host women’s circles. I put action forward, and now I am a certified Wild Woman Project Leader. That seems fairly simple until you realize that my longing for circling with women is at least two decades in the making. Lack of confidence, worry that women don’t need these gatherings the way I do and therefore won’t show up, and the nagging thought of, “Who am I to gather women?” kept me from a deep longing to connect with women in circle.

ana-juma-TAmCsB0bArw-unsplashGet your journal ready. It’s time to reflect.

What are your deep desires? What have you been waiting to do? What are you profoundly seeking? Can you feel it in your body? Is it in your gut, your arms, your legs, your chest? Are you ready for it? I mean, have you carved out the space and time to actually have and live with your desire? If not, what is blocking you? What does our theme, Streams of Longing, evoke in you? One suggestion is to repeat the phrase as a whisper as you get in touch with the deeper meaning of this theme for you. Try it! It is quite lovely.


antonika-chanel-zTgFtM6M9Gs-unsplashGet comfortable. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply four times. Relax, and let’s go even deeper. Some of our favorite songs and works of art are borne of longing, a sacred aching that gathered in the depths of the artist to bring it to fruition for us to enjoy and appreciate. What is it that you have been longing for? What desire will you bring to light this season? As you ponder these questions, notice your body relaxing. Notice your breathing slowing. Notice your mind is open to these questions when just a few moments ago, you might have been anxious and worried. None of us can do everything, but we can all do something. It is our sacred duty to listen to our inner guidance and allow something new to come forth. Let your thoughts drift. It is okay to have racing thoughts. We have been thinking of this thing called longing, and it can make our hearts beat faster. Instead, though, you are feeling at peace. You acknowledge the longing. If flows through you just like water. It doesn’t have to take shape this moment. It can be a drip, a trickle. It is okay to slow down, to tune into your body’s needs, giving yourself loving attention wherever you might feel pain or anxiety. It is okay to slow down, to give yourself the time to reflect on what you desire, to untangle it from other’s expectations or judgments. Repeat the phrase, Streams of Longing. Whisper it in your head to yourself. Imagine your crown opening and filling up like a stream. Imagine the water flowing down your arms, your back, your legs and into the ground. You are planting the seeds of your desires, and the water will help them grow. When you are ready, open your eyes. Come to a seated position and take a moment to journal the thoughts and ideas that you want to remember. Action will need to come, but it doesn’t have to be in this moment. For now, just let your longing see the light of day. Don’t give in to the temptation of judging. Just let it flow from you.

Please feel free to share your insights in the comments section.

BONUS Material

I created a Playlist for you:

Videos about Water:

Words for Water: Stories and Songs of Strength by Native Women

Sing The Water Song:

Poetry Foundation – Poetry aligning with our theme Streams of Longing:

The Great Longing


Here I sit between my brother the mountain and my sister the sea.

We three are one in loneliness, and the love that binds us together
is deep and strong and strange.  Nay, it is deeper than my sister’s
depth and stronger than my brother’s strength, and stranger than
the strangeness of my madness.

Aeons upon aeons have passed since the first grey dawn made us
visible to one another; and though we have seen the birth and the
fullness and the death of many worlds, we are still eager and young.

We are young and eager and yet we are mateless and unvisited, and
though we lie in unbroken half embrace, we are uncomforted.  And
what comfort is there for controlled desire and unspent passion?
Whence shall come the flaming god to warm my sister’s bed?  And
what she-torrent shall quench my brother’s fire?  And who is the
woman that shall command my heart?

In the stillness of the night my sister murmurs in her sleep the
fire-god’s unknown name, and my brother calls afar upon the cool
and distant goddess.  But upon whom I call in my sleep I know not.

*        *         *

Here I sit between my brother the mountain and my sister the sea.
We three are one in loneliness, and the love that binds us together
is deep and strong and strange.

Hello Poetry – Poetry aligning with our theme: Streams of Longing

From What the River Runs – Heavy Hearted

The river winds in from distant lands
With mercyless power it turns stone to sand
Through its mysterious life, the very earth it commands
And Yet the fearful river still runs through our hands.
In torrents of furry where the deepest currents flow
The rivers wild waters surge with woe. For
Onward, forever, its destined to go
A permenant home it won’t ever know.

The river runs from each of us
As a refugee of fear,
It knows in a blink it will be somewhere else
Its waves are really its tears.
It runs from the audacity
Of the selfish human mind
As Its massive life capacity,
Of flora and fauna combined,
Are threatened by our antics and helpless to our crime
So the river runs on their behalf, from everyone, in time-

even within its whitecap foam
Water’s yearning for a home

So roam does the water- endlessly,
till its long gone out of sight
The essential droplets of the river-
Nomads day and night.

And even more things to consider:

“It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them.”
― George Eliot

 “You really didn’t see the sadness or the longing unless you already knew it was there. But that was the trick, wasn’t it? Everyone had their disappointment and their baggage; only, some people carried it in their inside pockets and not on their backs.”
― Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves

“To crave and to have are as like as a thing and its shadow. For when does a berry break upon the tongue as sweetly as when one longs to taste it, and when is the taste refracted into so many hues and savors of ripeness and earth, and when do our senses know any thing so utterly as when we lack it? And here again is a foreshadowing — the world will be made whole. For to wish for a hand on one’s hair is all but to feel it. So whatever we may lose, very craving gives it back to us again.”
― Marilynne Robinson, Housekeeping


Until the next New Moon, Wild Lovelies!

Give yourself a great big beautiful, soulful embrace.

 Stay Wild! Engage Your Senses!! Love Yourself Well!!!


Sacred Rituals of Bathtime & Wild Woman New Moon Retreat (coming in September)


Photo by Anita Austvika on Unsplash

Hello Wild Lovelies!

It is summertime. It is my absolute favorite time of the year. I hope your summer has been and continues to be joyful and luminous!

Yesterday, I took a ritual bath. This looks different for everyone. I decided to actually take a shower. Here is what I did to prepare myself to make this a sacred ritual and not just a daily routine.

First, I lit 5 candles (5 is one of my sacred numbers), and then I lit incense. I kept the lights off. Then, I put on music that sounded soothing to me – all in the service of turning the every day into a sacred practice.

Then, I unpackaged one of my own soaps. Usually, I use the pieces that I cannot sell, but yesterday, I decided to treat myself to a full bar of Mint Essence – No. 8 Wild Indigo Moon Soap!!! It was downright lovely, if I do say so myself ; )

As I showered, I maintained a focus on being present. It was hard at first because the shower is a place where I do lots of thinking, planning, and singing. But I wanted to see if I could just be present and open to what I was doing, and not on my plans, what I was going to be eating that night, or the fact that my wallet was lost/stolen a few days before, and I had to figure out how I was going to attempt get my duplicate driver’s liscence. So – I breathed deeply, and centered myself by chanting “Be Here Now.” As I have mentioned in a previous post, this saying is tattooed on my back – so it is indelible – but I do often forget to practice the deceptively simple art of presence.

I took note of the light scent and the texture of the soap (I had used a waffle cutter , so it was ridged and slightly massage-like). I focused on the pleasure of feeling clean. I focused on how the handmade body polish felt and smelled. I focused on drying off each part of my body. Each of these things took concentration as my mind wanted to wander. For the most part, I was able to bring myself back to the present moment. Later, I thought about the fact that I have so many privileges others do not. I have an apartment I can afford. I have clean, running water and plumbing. I have the luxury of time off with no work or other responsibilities for the day.  I have a car that runs and gets me where I need to go. I am healthy.

I am grateful that I could take the time for self-care and self-compassion. It is something that should not be taken lightly.

As I dressed, I took the same care to be present. I then blew out the candles one at a time, offering blessings to myself, my community, and to my fellow travelers on this earth journey.

Here are some simple suggestions for daily prayers/blessings:

  1. I wish love and abundance to myself and to all today.
  2. May the sun shine bright and illuminate the highest good for me and for you.
  3. May I be kind, even when I am upset. May others treat me kindly.

When I returned to my living room, I wanted to keep the idea of pleasure, self-care, and gratefulness as I had just moments before. Here is what I noticed and did:

  1. The objects I surround myself with to decorate my apartment make me feel special, sacred, and comforted. This included me smiling to myself as I was drinking coffee from my favorite mug – the one my daughter bought me from a second-hand store several years ago. The mug is just the right size for keeping coffee hot, but not too hot. It is black with a gold picutre on it of an owl on a fence. I am charmed over and over by the fact that my kiddo picked it out knowing my love of birds and coffee. A very thougthful gesture!
  2. After a few sips, I decided to change my environment by going outside. Drinking coffee on my patio, I got to see dragonflies, the two hummingbirds that come to my feeder, and wonderful patterns in the clouds. I heard locusts and birdsongs. The sensual world exists and I am a sucker for it.
  3. I daydreamed! I closed my eyes, and I kind of fell half-asleep. In my reverie, I imagined that the hummingbirds and dragonfly had landed on me. As I opened my eyes to comeback to the here and now, I said a silent, “thank you”, to them for their ephemoral visitations to my yard, and in my mind. The morning was becoming hot, so I went back inside.
  4. Tidying up! I love a tidy home. I don’t see it as a chore to clean up afer myself. I find it relaxing and rewarding to come home to dishes that have been put away, a bed that has been made, and a lovely throw and pillow on the couch perched just so. I am not a perfectionist at it – and it does often look very different when my daughter is with me – but for the most part, tidying up makes me feel like I am taking care of myself. It also helps me to feel calm and relaxed, especially if I am feeling overwhelmedd and scattered.
  5. I forgot to mention that when I was on the patio, I was so delighted to see that I had in fact, saved a little piece of Petunia that had blown out of a flower basket downtown earlier in the week. The flowers are a deep, dark pink and looked lovely next to my spider plants I had repotted a few days before.

Big moments are splashy, and are wonderful. I love them. I plan for them. I enjoy them, and I am grateful that I get to be part of them – but, it is the everyday sacred that sets my heart a flutter and my soul on fire. Topping off the yumminess of the morning – I did some sensual movements with my arms and hips to the music playing. It felt right to do a movement practice to end my self-care journey for the day.

So, dear reader, how do you find the sacred and sensual in your daily life? Please share in the comments, or send me a photo on Instagram @corinadragonfly

And now for some BIG NEWS!!!


Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash

I will be co-leading a Women’s New Moon Retreat! I have graduated from the Wild Woman Project, Circle Leadership Training. It was an amazing experience!! I am ready to share the magic with you. This gathering is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. I will be leading you through ritual, meditation, journalling, and a closing ceremony. My friend, Beth Malchus-Stafa is in training with Color of Woman School, and will be bringing her talents in Intentional Creativity by leading us through an art project that you will take home. Please see registration details here:


Photo by Xevi Casanovas on Unsplash

Stay Wild!!!

Market Research Survey for Wild Indigo Moon

wild indigo moon

Hello Wild Ones! I am in the process of upleveling my business – YAY!!! One step in that process is taking a business class offered for free by Columbus State. Yes – it is free. I am learning a lot. It is 4 sessions long from 6-9pm one night a week. Learning lots of great things so far in the BizStart 2.0 program.

We don’t have “homework” – we have Action Assignments ; )

One of those assignments is to create a distribute a Market Research Survey.

I would be so thrilled if you could take about 10 minutes to complete my survey.

Here is the link:

Thank you so much, Wild Ones!!! I appreciate your support : )

Stay Wild!!




Full Moon Enchantment, Ritual, & Pop-Up! Markets – OH MY!



Full Moon Blessings. All Photos, unless otherwise attributed, from Unsplash.


What have you been harvesting this season? Have you been keeping it under wraps? Have you been fascinated, yet somewhat afraid of the things the bounty of the season has been teaching you? Are you feeling like you are about to burst with all the new information you have discovered about yourself, your blessings, your spiritual growth, your gifts? Are you shy but also on edge about sharing what you have manifested for yourself and your community?

Let the enchantments of the October Full Moon guide you. It is time to stand in your power and let your life be a beacon. It is time to shine as bright as the full moon. We are waiting for you. We see you. We hear your song, and we want to hear more.

In your shining, I understand that I, too, have gifts that I have squirreled away. The thing is, Spring is a distant sister, and she wants you to shine now, too. She knows that you will be there for her, and that you will have new learning and new gifts for her when she returns. She does not want you to hold back on her account. Shine now, Wild One!

I invite you to use the comments section to showcase the magical workings in your life. Showcase your website, your potions, your blog, your musings, your work. Showcase your struggles, ask for support, share resources.

I realize that I often default to a scarcity model. What I manifest this full moon is hosting pop-up shops at my home. I will be hosting 3 weekend gatherings to showcase my soaps and sundries and to talk with you about plans I have for women’s retreats. I will be talking to you about what elements you want in a retreat, and what kind of vendor opportunities besides Wild Indigo Moon, of course, that would make the retreat a special experience for you. More details can be found after the ritual below.


You might be thinking, but Corina, you were supposed to host a retreat in September – why didn’t that happen. Well, truth be told, I think I forecasted my readiness a bit too soon. I realized that I need an indoor venue because of the elements (yes, Central Ohio was warmish – but there was wind and some rain, so that confirmed that I need a space that accommodates my need for a natural environment, but also participant comfort and shelter from inclement weather). I want to make sure I can pay the facilitators I want to introduce you to, and I want to make sure that you have an excellent, magical experience that you will not soon forget. So, while it may seem like I was holding back on my gifts, and yes, that was a factor, too, I was really ensuring that I can host an amazing event with integrity, and one that you will want to return to often.


It is okay to postpone, take a moment, a breath, and realign oneself.


Everyday, we go through little rituals. Perhaps we call them habits or routine. Harvest time is a perfect time to re-imagine and realign our beliefs and values to the rituals we take part in. Perhaps you have a glass of wine each night to relax. Could you make that a cup of tea instead? Perhaps you want to eat more healthy, so maybe you cut out that extra cookie, and instead eat a seasonal fruit. If you haven’t guessed it, this is a message to myself as well as to you.

We can reset our routines. It might take a bit of effort at first, but we can do it. How often do we complain about something, the weather, the drive into work, the cost of something we need? I do this all the time, but I am realizing more each day that the vibration I am putting out in the world is not contributing to my betterment or that of others. How often am I bringing down the mood or vibration with my very breath?

I am certainly not about to fall into the trap of feeling like a failure because I am not immediately changing my tune – what I want to do is just notice how often I do it, and then, with new tools, implement changes within myself, even if it takes me a while to get it right. 

Try this:

When you get home from work – even just one night this coming week, light a candle and/or incense. Leave the TV off. Put your phone on vibrate or put it in another room. Get comfortable, and notice the blessings in front of you. For me, I like to notice the beautiful things I surround myself with – my books, plants, the view outside my window.

What is it for you? Listen to a meditation, a chant, or just the silence. Breathe in slowly for four seconds. Hold your breath for 4 seconds. Exhale for four seconds. Hold your breath for four seconds. Do this round four times. Follow your breath. When your thoughts start to come in about your drive, your workday, your obligations – be aware of those thoughts – imagine them floating away on a cloud. They will be available for you when you are done. For now, come back to center and your breath. Take 10 minutes, a half hour – whatever you can afford, and focus on yourself. Now, take a few minutes and write in a special journal about the experience of noticing, breathing, returning to center.

Did it feel magical or self-indulgent and uncomfortable? Why? When asking why – make sure to be inquisitive and not judgmental of yourself. When you are done, say a closing thought, perhaps something like, “This time was for me. I deserve time to recenter myself. It is okay to take time for my needs. This time to myself has changed me in positive ways.” Blow out the candle and incense. Put away your journal, pen, candles. incense, and any other magical tools you used in a special place, and remember to come back to them when you feel like you need to realign and recenter, or just want to create a daily routine of relaxation. 

Pop-Up! Market


Wild Indigo Moon at Sunlight Market, September 2018 – Photo by Corina

In honor of putting myself out there, I will be offering pop-up markets !

You are invited to my home from 2:00 – 6:00 PM  on the following dates:                          November 25, December 9 and December 22.   

Sign up by emailing me at:                                                           for location details.                                                         

Use subject line: Pop-Up! Market

Light refreshments, and hors d’oeuvres will be provided, along with a small presentation about Wild Indigo Moon and Women’s Retreats beginning at 3PM. My full line of products will be available for purchase (credit cards and exact change accepted).  This will be a no-pressure opportunity to learn more about Wild Indigo Moon. No purchase necessary. Goody Bags available for the first 10 people who attend!

I am an affiliate with HoopLovers! If you order classes through my link, I get a portion of the sales as a benefit of completing the HoopLove Coach Training. Check out classes here:



Dropping In – The MAGIC of Mabon


Photo by Marko Blazevic on Unsplash

Greetings Lovely Wild Ones:

I woke up today feeling refreshed, and energized – something I don’t often feel. I think it was because I actually went to sleep early, instead of trying to stay awake so as not to miss that one last thing to see or do.

As I woke up, and because of the changing of the seasons. 6:40 am was dark. Not nighttime dark, but the kind of dark where you can only make out the shapes of things; where everyday objects that surround you hold a new mystery.

I decided that I did not want to first grab for my phone and see what was happening on Facebook.  I felt a strong desire to drop in: Drop in to the darkness, the mystery, the unknown known, the coolness of the newly birthed autumn day.

I bundled myself up and sat on my patio and just breathed in the crisp air – letting it envelop me. Autumn is magical, but it is bittersweet for me as I have to say goodbye to my favorite season. So this morning, with my coffee in hand, my summer memories, and lurking grief, I said goodbye – then I said hello.

I’ll be sweet on summer for a few weeks before I really drop in to Autumn, and that is okay. Process is everything – and I am not going to rush it. But today, I took a step toward embracing this season’s enchantments.

My daughter is a guide for me. She baked her first homemade, from scratch pumpkin pie. She leapt into the season : )

Autumn brings a sense of returning – sometimes of descent. I often think about the story of Persephone. Of course, I like to add my own feminist twist to it because the original story is full of patriarchal pain.

If I give in to the descent and returning motifs – I can shape them into a kind of coming home…to myself. Questions I ask of myself at this this time of year are: What have I harvested this year? What do I want to return to the Earth? What needs more tending? What lessons will move me to my highest good? What patterns do I want to continue, and which ones do I need to let go of because they no longer serve me? In which areas of my life can I go as the season goes – going deeper and inward – embracing the dark, the cold – without it taking me over?

What do you love about Autumn? What elements set you at ease? Which elements do you wrestle with? How do you drop into fall? Please leave comments and let me know how you celebrate/honor/drop in.

Me: I will be making Soap No. 11- Autumn Harvest – made with real pumpkin, and scented with Sweet Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg essential oils. You will be able to purchase it here through my PAYPAL ME account, and at Local Roots in Wooster in late October.

The following videos are helping me drop into fall:

Late Summer Love – come see me at Sunlight Market on Sunday!

Hello Lovely Wild Ones!

I will be at Sunlight Market on Gay Street in Columbus on Sunday, September 16, 2018. Please come see me. I will have Hula Hoops, Lots of small-batch, handmade soaps, and body butters. I would love for you to take some of my creations home with you. Stop by and say, “Hi” if you get the chance.

So…It’s September, and autumn is just a week away. How bittersweet is that!

I hope your summer has been going well. This is the time of year when we reflect on those hot, wild, carefree summer shenanigans and look toward sweater weather days that call to our primal instincts. Perhaps you are already making plans for gathering yourself inward –  getting ready for a long hibernation?

Summer is my favorite season, so this time of year brings out the melancholy in me. I do love the smells and colors of fall, but the warm nights and hot days still call to me. I was born a Capricorn so the long dark time of the year is in my blood, but the frigid months are not what my body or spirit craves.

I wrestle with this for a bit before I finally just sit with the fact that I need to drop in to the cooler weather and shorter days. I have to accept what is. If I had my way, I would go as the season goes, and go inward, pausing to take in all that was and all that is. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could follow our ancient ways of being..of knowing?

dulcey-lima-Tree Swallows

Tree Swallows, Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

Here is a piece I wrote, inspired by the tree swallows I saw earlier this week on a quick and local bird watching walk and music by Julien Baker:

Butterfly, emerging once more
Do you ever want to just stay in your cocoon
Do you ever get tired of those 
wet wings and just hanging out
until you are dry
Until you can fly
Do you ever wish the caterpillar
was as adored as you
Do you ever wish you could
be invisible or translucent
Not exposed or as bare as you feel
Or as vulnerable as we think you are
I like to think that you are at peace
with each stage you go through
as ordinary as you once were
and as colorful as the
sinking sun or sometimes
as blue and deep as the sea
You are a filament
Betwixt the metaphors
And illusions
I think you know
what I mean
Know that you are someone
You are someone to me
You don’t have to change
Or hide yourself
Just so that someone/I
Will notice all of you
and still love you                                                                                                                                 
   – CK, September 2018

Here’s a shout out to one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver:


Oh do you have time
to linger
for just a little while
out of your busy

and very important day
for the goldfinches
that have gathered
in a field of thistles

for a musical battle,
to see who can sing
the highest note,
or the lowest,

or the most expressive of mirth,
or the most tender?
Their strong, blunt beaks
drink the air

as they strive
not for your sake
and not for mine

and not for the sake of winning
but for sheer delight and gratitude –
believe us, they say,
it is a serious thing

just to be alive
on this fresh morning
in the broken world.
I beg of you,

do not walk by
without pausing
to attend to this
rather ridiculous performance.

It could mean something.
It could mean everything.
It could be what Rilke meant, when he wrote:
You must change your life.

Finally, here is some new music I am digging:

“Smoke ’em if you got ’em…”


Stay Wild!

Hoop Love Coach Certified!!!


Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplashn

Hey Wild Ones!!!

Big News: I am now a Hoop Love Teacher!

Hoop Love Coach Certificate

I will be offering workshops coming this July.

If you are interested in setting up a party with your friends, or want to learn about workshops, please leave a message or email me at:



Connecting with you!

…I keep chasing after words,
after life, after love
Loving language and
yearning to bring something forth
into action and feeling…”

Escapes Me

-CK, 2007


For this blog post, I revisit some of my poetry, and my love of words. Each of the poems I wrote was accompanied by music, usually whatever was playing when I was writing that inspired me, and got me through a rough time.

I share part of me with you, Dear Reader, in hopes that we connect, on some level, and that you get a taste into my creative process, be it making soaps, offering Hula Hoop and Women’s Retreats, or just reading words from someone who shares your deep respect for mystery, love, nature, wonder, music, and the arts.

  When I was a teenager visiting my aunt in New Jersey, she told me about an art installation by Tibetan monks who spent hours of their time making precise and intricate sand mandalas that they eventually took to the sea, to be washed away forever. I didn’t understand then, and still now have a difficult time really comprehending how one who is engaged in the craft of making a work of art that is so time and labor intensive, could just let go of it, as if it had never existed. The ephemeral nature of it was beyond my comprehension. How could you let such beauty wash away? After all of these years, I still struggle with this idea. An artist friend of mine has been sitting with her art for so long that it seemed the right thing to do was to tear up the art that did not sell; it was like a burden bearing down like a heavy weight, no longer serving its once sacred purpose. My first instinct was sadness because I love her work and own several pieces.  Upon further reflection, her actions have taught me that to be under the weight of that which no longer is useful and sacred must be destroyed or repurposed to find new life and meaning.

That being said, I hold a special place in my psyche and my heart around the concept of ephemera; things that are meant to exist for only a short period of time.

It’s kind of funny, because when I think about it, soap, body butters, lip balms, and other bath and body products I make are a kind of ephemera; once they are made and then used, they are gone. Of course I always hope that what I make will be wanted again, so I make another batch of soap, new ones and old favorites, time and time again because aren’t we all reaching for that first time we experienced something wonderful, and then revisit memories, chase down memorabilia, or revisit old stomping grounds just so we can re-discover it and that fleeting feeling one more time?

The idea that some things in life are ethereal is also a concept that is quite bittersweet and haunting to me.


Magenta-stained fingers
Ruby seeds await
Bursting tartness
with each bite
A sweetness follows
that only patience
and time can truly reveal

Spoonful after spoonful
I devour their taste and meaning
Gleefully play with
the word in my mouth

Soon, much too soon,
Tears flow easily
like they do in those
great, old movies –
When laughter becomes
drowned out by the weeping
Joy turns to sadness in
one sweeping moment, and you
can’t pinpoint exactly when
the exchange happened

Now, blue rushes towards red,
Lips as crimson as fingers, quiver
Distant echoes from a royal refrain
dance in my ears,
and all I can think is
life is just like this

-CK, 2008

At once spirit-like and denoting extreme delicacy, to be ethereal means to embody the features of lightness, otherworldliness, and is associated with the sky. Though I was born a Capricorn, I have always had a tendency toward air with my head in the clouds dreaming of romantic getaways, time travel, and ghosts.  There is a calling I hear, no matter how distant; one that pulls at me some days when I give in to unfettered fits of daydreaming, that I can’t seem to shake, even if I wanted to, which I don’t ; )

Lastly, the ability to occupy the in-between state; a space that is neither here nor there, but here and there speaks to me in many ways, and seems beautifully mysterious. Liminality is the state of being at a threshold – a state where old ways may be dying, but the new ways have only just begun. I find myself chasing new things so that I can have that feeling of being at the precipice of some new learning or feeling state. Perhaps a lesson in stillness, and savoring where I am at, at any given time, is the lesson to be leaned?


Sea green and sky blue
The colors of Initiation
The colors that blend into the horizon
and now you can’t tell one from the other

I summoned you then
Invited you to come by
Wanted a chance at being alive

You came to me, drawn together by
Some magnetic pull that would not let go

and neither one of us could explain
We danced our dance as fast as we could
Those days were full of song and
Sweet gifts that you laid on my tongue

But you are of the sea, need to return to
Your ship, the pink moon is calling to you
And you are heading towards waters
Truer than mine

Good luck to you

Sea green and sky blue
The colors of Initiation
The colors that remind me of you

-CK, 2008

The chasing, though, is not always living – at least not living with presence. It’s ironic, I think, that this word eagerly and relentlessly pursues me while I have forever imprinted on my body, these words: “Be Here Now”.

So what does this mean? Well, I think it means that when you pick up one of Wild Indigo Moon’s products, you have a little insight into the energy that goes into them. You know a little about the quirky side of the maker and her idiosyncrasies. Certainly, you will understand that far from being a branding strategy, my deep dive into the mysterious, the sacred, the spiritual and contemplative life is truly infused in my products and my services by my very natureJ.

Lost and Found

Getting lost in dreamy melodies and
lying in the sweet arms of lyricism
I don’t want to leave this place
want to dwell in this space forever
Please don’t pull me out of it
I don’t want to be saved this time
I have found my true home
my liberation is here
Here, I am free

-CK, 2008

Now it’s your turn!

What words, big ideas, or concepts follow you? How do you show up in the world? What are you longing for? How have you made peace with the past? How do you live your one wild life? Share your thoughts, videos, poetry, responses in the comments section!

Stay WILD!

NOTE: I will be vending at the Sunlight Market on Gay Street in Columbus, OH  – June through September. Call or email me for current listings of soaps, body butters, lip balms, and salt-n-sugar scrubs, or come see me in person : )

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Emerson


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